A home where you will always like to stay, in the bustling city of Kochi. This will be the place where you along with your family would like to spend a lifetime. Well, you cannot call it a home away from your home , but would like you to consider it as your own home. And never feel left out from the madding crowd. Feel the whole solace just near the bustling city.

It may be a jungle out there, a city where only the rush matters
Life may feel a little overstretched, where you have to keep ahead of the pack
The faces around may look a little unfamiliar, where you may feel alone
The one stop solution, be in the calm epicenter
Apple Heritage Inn



DoorKochi, known as the "Queen of the Arabian Sea", is one of the most ancient natural ports in the world. For centuries, Kochi has been attracting visitors and traders from all parts of the world and many of them have, after assimilating the culture of the region, lived in Kochi for centuries. Kochi, a major tourist destination attracts 1.3 million tourists every year from India and abroad, which is more than one fifth of the total tourists visiting the state of Kerala. Its long and virgin coast line, tranquil backwaters, heritage and historical sites, antique shops, spice trade centres etc are unique to visitors.
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